Six Things I’m Grateful for this Thanksgiving

In The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor talks about how everyone assumes that happiness is a result of success, but he argues the opposite: that actually success can be a result of happiness. He goes on to discuss ways to make yourself happier which, in turn, will make you more successful.

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A marachi player spinning a football round his sunbrero

How Mexico taught me what it is to be British


It’s our first night in Mexico and I’m woefully underprepared as usual. Not least in terms of having picked up any Spanish.

We’re walking back into our apartment building after dinner and there’s a few people sitting out on the curb drinking beers. One of the guys says something to us in Spanish and already I’m embarrassed because I don’t understand. I can’t remember exactly what I said but it was probably “no hablo Español”.

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Why I gave up coffee – and other things I learned from a night on hallucinogenic drugs

I’m sitting on a cushion on the floor in a large hut at a hippy retreat in Mexico, and I’m about to take ayahuasca for the first time. It’s a tea made with natural ingredients that are high in the psychedelic compound DMT.

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Digital Nomad Smackdown: Chiang Mai vs Playa del Carmen

We all know that Chiang Mai in Thailand is the yardstick for digital nomads with its super affordable food and accommodation and more coffee shops than you can shake a twitchy stick at. But you’re not really a nomad if you just stay in Chiang Mai, so we decided to check out a Latin American alternative – Playa del Carmen – and see how they compared. It seems like there’s surprisingly few Nomads in Mexico given that it also boasts cheap accommodation and food and the built up areas have pretty decent wifi.

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Something I learned from Steve Jobs

One obvious reason for reading Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs biography was to try to learn something from Jobs that I can apply to my own life. In short: how can I be more like Steve?

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As me and Jen walked around the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai all we could talk about was how nice it would be to live there. Although we’d been together for about 8 years, we’d only just got married and were on honeymoon in Thailand for 3 weeks. It was our first time in Asia and everything in Thailand was new and exciting for us, but Chiang Mai really stood out for us. It’s one of those places where there’s not much to do but it’s wonderful to ‘be’ there.

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