I love building things! Here’s a bunch of the projects I’m most proud of.


Find a Nomad
Find a Nomad – I’m a member of the Anywhereists group and we wanted to build a website to help find other digital nomads. Everyone pitched in with ideas , design and testing. I did the bulk of the coding with a little help from Mark. I’m super proud of this site, if you’re a nomad I’d love to see you on there. And if you’re a dev who’d like to help out with new features let me know!

Technologies used: Backbone, jQuery, Parse.com, Backbone, HTML, CSS, Git


Progress - weight loss progress tracker with photo comparison and Health graph
Progress – I wrote Progress to help track my progress on the four-hour body diet in the run up to my wedding. Although I had plenty of programming experience, this was my first Objective C project. It’s downloaded around 2,000 times every month.

Technologies used: Custom UI Controls, HealthKit, Auto Layout, Storyboards, Core Data, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, IAP, Uservoice, Git


World Time Widget - the instant world clock timezone buddy
World Time Widget – A problem with being itinerant is that you can lose track of the time is for your family and friends – they don’t appreciate it if you call them in the middle of the night! I made WTW to make it quick and easy to check. Apple featured World Time Widget in the UK App store on the launch day for iOS 8 (honestly, one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to me :), and Federico Viticci Mac Stories list of must have iPad Apps for 2014.

Technologies used: AutoLayout, CocoaPods, NSUserDefaults, Crashlytics, Git


Birthday #1
Paddle Logger – Paddle Logger is an awesome GPS tracker specifically for Stand Up Paddle Boarders and other water sport fanatics. This app was commissioned by my friend David.

Technologies used: CoreData, MapKit, CoreLocation, AutoLayout, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Git


Bump2Baby – Take photos of your pregnancy and get a beautiful keepsake time-lapse video.


Birthday #1
Birthday Number #1 – My cousin saw something on Facebook where it could check the number one single the day you were born. I thought it was neat and made an iPhone app of it.