App Collective Podcast

My and my friend Nick have launched a weekly podcast where we talk (and rant!) about the highs and lows of indie app development.

Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂 And if you want to do me a solid, vote for it over at Product Hunt 👍

Lisa Hackett - Digital Nomad on her boar

As a Digital Nomad I Spend More Time on the Things I Love

Lisa’s passion is the great outdoors. Frustrated that her adventures were always cut short by ties to an office and mortgage, she negotiated a remote working agreement and set off in a van to spend more time in the wilderness. More than six years on, she’s created her perfect digital nomad lifestyle.

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I Learned to Code *After* I became a Digital Nomad, with Mandy Moore

Mandy is one the of the longest serving Digital Nomads I know having spent 7 years on the road. Initially funding her travels as an SEO specialist, she got tired of Google changing the rules all the time and decided to learn to code instead.

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“I should have started blogging sooner”, Digital Nomad Developer Interview with Jerrie Pelser

Richard Ablewhite, App Store Entrepreneur, Talks About Life as a Digital Nomad

Richard is a true App Store success story. He started developing apps as a side hustle in 2010 and within six months he was earning more from apps than from his day job. In 2012 he finally quit the office and set off on a year long round-the-world trip. After getting back the to the UK he ‘settled down’ and bought a house, but still has the travel bug and takes month long trips multiple times a year.

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Amy Truong, Quality Engineer at GitHub, Talks About Life as a Digital Nomad

Amy works as Quality Engineer for GitHub (you may have heard of them!). This year she’s worked remotely from San Francisco, Thailand, Hawaii, The Netherlands , UAE, and Morocco as well as taking in quick stops at Ecuador, Taiwan & Denmark. She has a tonne of great advice and I really love her honesty and openness.

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Six Things I’m Grateful for this Thanksgiving

In The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor talks about how everyone assumes that happiness is a result of success, but he argues the opposite: that actually success can be a result of happiness. He goes on to discuss ways to make yourself happier which, in turn, will make you more successful.

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Todo wallInspired by Derek Sivers, I’m making a list of the things I’m working on at the moment which are most important to me. My goal is to get all of them done by the end of the year. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to stop doing everything else, but I would like to get there.

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📻 FL084 – Ayahuasca & world travel with Lewis Smith

I had great fun talking with Kevin from the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast about my adventures in travel and psychedelic drugs.

Getting Started as a Digital Nomad

I recently joined an iOS Slack Chat and introduced myself as a Digital Nomad. A couple of people were really interested about the Digital Nomad part and asked if they could have a chat to talk about getting started and life in general. Rather than chat separately we arranged an Slack style online chat. The players were me, Jacky – an iOS developer with a couple of years experience based in Taipei – and Eugene (@EugeneBelinski) – a Computer Science Student from Minnesota. They’re both really cool guys. Hopefully this is as useful to you as it was for them.

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